Film and TV

Carnivale, Stumpy's Cards (ethnic,folksy)
Carnivale, Justin Calls Iris (Russian women)
Carnivale, Justin's Vision (mystical)
EZ Streets, Irish Ballad (Celtic)
EZ Streets, Irish Rock (Celtic-pop)
Impostor, Breaking In (ethnic)
The Secret Life Of Zoey, Home (folk/rock)
Nothing Sacred, The Voice Of God (spooky, ethnic)
Nothing Sacred, Goodbye (mystical)
The Agency, Epidemic (ethnic)
Sea of Sharks, The Manta Ray (Enya-esque, classical)
Russian Folk Song, Dark_Eyes
Middle Eastern Demo, Mountain_Of The North
Middle Eastern Demo, The Lost One

The Gathering, The Gathering (pop)

The Gathering, Anthem (pop, Enya-esque)

Contemplations, Contemplations Suite (boys’ choir)
Perpetual Motion, City of Light (euro jazz)

Song, The Heart Knows (folk-pop)

GM, Safety (boy soprano)
IBM- Park Bench (operatic)
Mazda (vocalise)
Peter Pan (opera, from "Carmen")
PopOpera (demo)
O Mio Babbino Caro (Puccini, demo)

Live Performances (more coming soon)
Laudamus Te- (Pacific Mozart Ensemble of San Francisco)
Schindler, Spring Winds.. (20th Century, World Computer Music Festival)